Strategic Group is an initiative and aggressive approach of highly experienced, polished and skilled professionals having delivered 20,75,000 Sq. Ft. of Residential, 10,00,000 sq. ft of Commercial area.  The vision of our founders – Mr. Manish Gupta and Mr. Neeraj Rathor – has shaped our evolution over the past two decades. Strategic Group is known for quality construction and delivering projects on time. For us, real estate is not mere a business of selling spaces but to fulfil dreams and contribute in the development of our nation. For us, the customer’s happiness and trust is the most important thing because we know people’s expectations in terms of property and their dreams attached to it.

Under our umbrella of concept based design and structures, we have also managed and promoted a number of independent concerns including the notable Krishna Apra Group that is at the forefront of various well know commercial and residential projects, in Delhi and NCR. With myriad projects under its belt, this group has come to signify a success story that few others have been able to match – thanks to the strategic way in which we have helped steer them.

The mainstay of the Strategic Group includes going beyond bricks and mortar, towards adding a defining quality to each structure and every nook and corner. The solution based outlook of the group helps in propelling dreams and customer satisfaction to a fitting realisation of homes and aspirations.

In terms of structural appeal, the use of cutting edge technology and never seen before design is what sets us apart. These two elements of technology and design come together on a canvas of high quality commitment and constant innovation. This innovation spans a variety of architectural values and elements in terms of material, dimensions, space usage, planning and engineering. Our projects mark the landscape of Delhi and NCR with their high design values and lofty structures that create value based engineering with every brick that is laid.

Finally, the basis of all our operations lies in our brand of thorough professionalism, which helps us in refining and redefining how you live and the spaces that chart the course of what you call your lifestyle.